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Meet Darko Biloh

Meet Darko Biloh, owner and master craftsman at Quality Craftsmen Renovations. He has been in the construction business for over 20 years and business owner since 2001. A painter, drywaller, decorator by trade, he honed his craft in Italy, where he learned from the best Venetian and German craftsmen available. He soon became a highly sought-after professional, known in the industry as a high quality, detail-oriented, thorough work. His portfolio over the years spanned from residential painting to full
home renovations and commercial interior/exterior paint and drywall.
Darko visited Canada in 2005, 2008, and 2010 with his wife Dobrila and was impressed with the dynamic and fast-growing construction industry. The exciting idea of taking Darko’s European training and experience to the Canadian was born, so the couple started to plan their move in 2012 and eventually
settled in BC in 2015.

In 2015 Darko started to work for smaller painting and construction businesses in Vancouver, studying the market and learning the ropes of the Canadian construction industry. By 2017, he was ready to be self-employed again and began subcontracting his services, as well as taking on his own clients. A turning point in Darko’s business came with an opportunity to move to Kelowna in 2018. The booming construction scene and the beautiful Okanagan lifestyle motivated him to make the move. After 2 years of building a new network of collaborators and clients, Quality Craftsmen Renovations was born in 2020, a small business focusing on high quality construction and renovation services, delivered with precision and care.